Wardrobe Essentials For Women In Their 30s

Once you turn 30,  things change. No more one seeks the thrills of cheap buys that last only a few wears. Neither one is willing to invest time and money into something they will be seen wearing only once in a long-long time. 

This is the time of life when priorities change. You get more and more focused on your career and raising children the right way. Understandably, fashion takes a backseat. But whenever needed, the fashion knowledge you accumulated over the years kicks in. If you notice, you would find yourself unconsciously choosing attires that ooze sophistication and confidence, over the ones showcasing the latest trends. You start getting more comfortable with your body.

Here are the 5 wardrobe essentials you need to buy at our winter sale online to give your closet the comfort and color your new fashion sense seeks.

  1. Knee-length dresses

This graceful piece of garment never goes out of style. Its versatility keeps it fresh and charming always. The endless numbers of styles, necklines, fabrics and prints available in these knee-length dresses give you the facility to choose the one that go with your personality.

A well-chosen midi dress works well for both cocktail parties with friends and office brunches. Browse for dresses for women online here.

2. Chic Blouses

Ganjis, tube tops, graphic t-shirts and funky tops are a thing of past! 

Their purpose in your life is over. Replace them with colorful, feminine and chic high-end blouses that go with any high-rise denim or trousers. These are the best bet for any occasion that demands a more sophisticated and mature you.

3. Palazzos

It is more premium than your jeggings or leggings, but somehow even more comfortable too. Straight palazzo pants online go with tops as well as Kurtis and introduce subtle colors to your entire wardrobe. Go ahead and choose a good one here.

4. Pencil Skirt

Can’t deny these skirts have caught your attention more than once? You might have spotted your favorite actresses sporting these black or denim pencil skirts. Admit it, nothing looks more mature than these classy numbers. Opt for any print and make it work 9 am to 5 pm. 

Search for your long skirts for girls online, click at https://www.mustardfashion.com/bottoms/skirts.

5. Structured Blazer

No rule book says you cannot wear your favorite tee and jeans after you hit 30. However, to give it a turn of elegance you may as well throw a dapper jacket or blazer over it. Such a garment lends your whole outfit a chic and smart edge. 

So what say, ladies? Have any of it in your wardrobe or are going to buy them right now at www.mustardfashion.com.

You can also tell us some other wardrobe essentials that we are missing, right in the comments below. Ciao, and keep ramping your fashion game.

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