The things a favorite print says about a lady

Every lady has a favorite print that she prefers over everything present in her wardrobe. This print might have made you look stunning at more than one occasion, but did you know that it even ended up projecting a certain impression in the mind of another person on those occasions.

Want to know what your favorite print is whispering about you to your peer group? Read on, find out and buy party wear dresses online.

  1. Polka dots

It is usually said that the ladies who cannot let go of their polka dots’ shirts or dresses are very energetic, playful and lively. Additionally, they are identified to be multi-tasking and hardworking personalities. 

These polka dots look beautiful when worn in the formals and bring out the most beautiful attributes of a woman. You can wear these dots with both bright and neutral colours. 

2. Floral print

No other print competes with this one. It is feminine, soft, lovely and preferred by the majority of women. Ladies who love it are known to be friendly, warm and outgoing. They are comfortable in their own skin and let nothing dampen their spirits that easily. 

A floral print is popularly seen on Kurtis and dresses. Being more experimental, you can also go for floral print pants and skirts.

3. Stripes

Feel like you look best in stripes? That shows that you really value and respect yourself. This print is generally a go-to preference for office and business meetings. Vertical stripes make you look like a go-gutter. This print of cotton Kurtis online is also known to give any silhouette a slimming feel. 

Next time you want to feel more confident about yourself, try adding a striped tee to a solid-colored blazer.

4. Checks

The woman who loves checks loves style and comfort in equal measures. And interestingly, there is a valid point behind this reasoning. Apparently, checks print is the only fashion piece that works both fun wear as well as casual wear. This a style that every woman must possess at least one piece of for those times when they feel too lazy to dress up. 

For the ultimate casual look, pair up a plaid long tunic with a beanie and distressed jeans this winter.

5. Fusion look

These gals do not follow trends. They are the trendsetters. Their closet is full of abstract pieces, which they club together for the ultimate fashion statement quite effortlessly. They are fearless, experimental and a lover for anything unique.

For these women, here are two unique dressing ideas. Try pairing the perfect Kurtis one piece dresses knee length, sneakers, and a standout scarf. You can also try to club a colorful skirt with a cropped top.

All in all, different prints appeal to different kind of people. The key to looking your fashionable best is to choose one that suits your personality best, and then keep experimenting with it. 

Browse to find your favorite print now. And stay tuned to the blog for all your fashion updates.

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