Monsoon essentials to keep you dry all season

With monsoon just around the corner, it is essential to prepare your wardrobe for the frequent showers. Although the rains give us a much-needed break from the blazing heat, they bring with them a set of woes as the roads become mudded,  covered with potholes and water-logged. Also, nobody likes to get drenched or be covered in dirt or mud.

Dressing according to the weather is one of the most essential aspects of fashion. Choose a fabric that is light, airy and comfortable. When it comes to picking an outfit for the rainy season, you also need to take into account the drying time of a certain fabric.  So synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester and other fabrics such as chiffon, Mul and Khadi may be excellent options for this season.

Here’s a list of stylish outfits that are perfect for monsoon:

Nylon midi dress with lace sleeves

Who said that you can’t wear a pretty dress just because it’s raining outside? This blue midi dress is made of nylon which is one of the best fabrics for monsoon as it dries quite quickly. Moreover, it’s better to sport a sleeveless dress or if you wish to wear a fully sleeved one, wear a dress that features lace sleeves as they aid in drying. Complete your ensemble with a pair of flats or you can also opt for a pair of comfy loafers or shoes. It is essential to style yourself keeping comfort in mind especially during monsoon.

Tank top with ripped denim shorts

Although denim isn’t essentially a fabric that’s ideal for monsoon, there’s no harm in sporting denim shorts. Ripped denim shorts not only look incredibly trendy and give you that much coveted casual look but also dry up easily. When paired with a tank top it further adds to the cool casual vibe. This outfit is perfect for a day-in or casual outings. You can put on a pair of flip-flops, flats or trendy sneakers. Avoid wearing heels as the roads may be muddy and clogged with water.

Black Mul Kurti with palazzo

If you wish to style yourself in something Indian, you can choose a kurta that’s made of materials such as Mul and Khadi. Mul is a fabric that’s smooth, incredibly light and comfortable. Moreover, it does an excellent job of keeping you dry and sweat-free. It’s a good idea to sport darker shades in monsoon as they are relatively better absorbers of heat than their light colored counterparts. In other words, choose a black mold kurta over a white cotton kurti. Buy a pair of black or dark colored palazzo pants online to go with the kurta. This attire goes incredibly well with a pair of flats or sandals.

Sleeveless Chiffon top with shorts

Chiffon is another fabric that you can rock this rainy season. Not only is it incredibly light and airy it also dries off quickly which is an important factor, especially during monsoon. Choose a flattering print such as a leafy design or a floral one to add a touch of vibrancy to your attire. Team up this top with a pair of shorts for a comfy and trendy look. Complete your outfit by wearing a pair of flats or sneakers.

Especially during monsoon, staying trendy is all about being comfortable and rocking your outfits with confidence and panache. Wear vibrant and vivid colors and let your personality shine through.

Pro tip:  If it gets too windy or cold, don’t forget to add layers. You can put on a windbreaker or a waterproof jacket to keep you dry and comfy.

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