Mastering the art of layering as per mood

It’s January and the chill is fading day-by-day. There are still a few days left until winter and you are not sure how to dress up. Some-days you are in a mood for something more casual. Other days you want to look prim and proper. Either way, nothing says you cannot just look your fashionable best in ladies jacket online. 

If you want more help on how to look fabulous and yet keep the chill at bay, we have one word for you – ‘Layering’. This everyday fashion exercise has an art to it. Like any art, it has its fundamentals and the rest of the experimentation depends on your mood. So here is our guide to layering and how to turn heads in this cool weather. 

  1. Keep It Casual

Looking class-apart and yet casual was never this easy. This rose pink knitted shrug with its full sleeves keeps you warm. You don’t have to bulk up and there is a graceful ease of moment that comes effortlessly with this garment. 

On good days, you can just pair it with your denim and tee without any second thoughts. Elegant sandals will do better justice to your get-up here. To get your hands on this beautiful cardigan-type-shrug, click here

  2. The Ethnic Angle

Chic yet elegant! There is something about the lightness of this brown printed shrug that makes any woman of unique fashion sense want to carry it every day. A spaghetti top along with jeggings underneath makes it beautiful wear for those sunny winter days. The shirt collar makes it look extra stylish.

You can try and style it with sandals or heels plus minimal jewellery. To get your hands on shrugs online, click here

  3. Trendy Cardigans

A little chilly weather calls for something trendy. Something that keeps your body warm but demean-our completely cool. This red melange acrylic A-line cardigan comes with a cosy shawl collar and full sleeves, making it a perfect fit for hangouts. 

Depending on the mood, you can pair it with heels and a trendy sling. You can crawl to the hippest joints wearing it and even woo a date. Buy this long cardigan women’s online India here

  4. Work It Up

Never did any fashion guru said that when dressing up for office you cannot have a little fun with prints. This beautiful and eye-catching white and off-white acrylic jacket is a testament to this fact. 

Its open neck keeps you comfortable all the time whereas the print on it gives your attire a definite edge. The best thing about this cardigan, you can wear any color underneath and it would still end up looking beautiful. Buy this garment now from here

  5. Sporty Chic

Agreed, it is a bit late for the leather jacket that has been sitting in your closet for too long. But it is never too late to sport the sporty side of your nature. The knitted black and white jacket does not overdo it and leaves you comfortable even with a bit fashionably-tough look. It goes beautifully with any color of trousers and looks fabulous with boots. Make it a point to wear it as much as possible before the winter departs for the year. To buy ladies jackets online, click here.

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