How to wear the same outfit in different ways?

Feel like you have nothing left to wear? 

Before you go designer kurtas online shopping yet again, let us remind you of that expensive dress you wore just once. From then until now it has been lying neglected in some corner of your wardrobe. Understandably, you do not want to wear it in front of the same crowd who has already seen it. But ladies, repeating outfits is the new trend. 

It has been announced as a sustainable way of life.  Agreeing with this trend, even celebrities are seen repeating their outfits almost daily. However, there is a certain art to it. Before hopping on this fashion crusade, read below the tricks and tips to repeat your outfit like a superstar.

  1. Contrast it

A little contrast makes all the visual difference to your look. Pick up two completely different colors, clash them together and look creative. If done with attention, you can even go for color blocking.  

2. Add accessory

You can cleverly change the look of any dress by smartly pairing it with different accessories. Where a scarf can steal the entire attention, the big danglers or new pair of heels can turn your cotton kurta into something extra bling. 

Handbags and even a simple belt will help you leave a more lasting impression.

3. Layer it right

This trick is commonly used by the divas. You can try it when bored with a particular look. Add a jacket, scarf or cape. You can also try replacing your regular leggings with palazzo or flared skirt. 

The result will be an added curve to your figure and a fresh look. Next time you think about wearing those Anarkali suits, try teaming them with a cotton printed palazzo or skirt.

4. Mix & match

When you know how to mix and match cleverly, you can easily swing your look between chic and traditional. The best thing about this look is that you do not even have to go shopping for new clothes. Everything already there in your wardrobe is a potential accessory for your mix-match experiment. 

Try mixing different colors of your best kurta and different accessories together until you get it right.

5. DIY as much as possible

You kept wearing your long tunic along with jeans for long. You might have even tucked it in. Time to turn into a skirt. Belt it up and pair with a hat.

Get experimental. You can even turn your scarves into tops as well as skirts. It’s just the way you wear them that makes a difference. 

6. Try different hairstyles

Leave the clothes as it is, and play with your hair. Each different hairstyle whirls around your look completely. If aiming for a casual look, tie them off the neck. Let them down for dressing up for an occasion. 

Know any other way of making a dress completely unrecognizable. Tell us and others in the comments below. And to have a look at our newest collection, log on to now. 

Until the next time, keep turning heads ladies!

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