How to nail the winter look?

There’s no better feeling in the world than sitting in front of a fireplace with your friends as you sip on a bowl of piping hot soup. The season of poetry and romance, winter brings out the creativity in us all, especially when it comes to fashion. 

Although it might get a little difficult to muster the courage to put an outfit together with the temperature dipping, it can be really interesting as you get to play around with different combinations and a ton of different layers. A women’s coat, jacket or a cardigan, there are many options for you to choose from. Plus, other accessories such as a scarf or a stole only add more depth to your ensemble.

Here are some outfit ideas to perfect your winter look this season. Read on:

The Classic

Ladies, it’s winter, which means that it’s time to jazz things up a little. What you need is something swanky. This Black Long women’s coat made of luxurious and comfortable fabric- felt, goes really well with almost anything. The best part about this coat, however, is that it’s perfect as both office wear and casual wear

On your ‘Check’ list

Checks are in this season, especially large ones. Actually, they never were out of fashion. Gray is a universal color due to its incredible versatility. Designed not just to protect you from the cold, this Felt Long women’s coat can also make you look impressive and sophisticated.

Pair this lovely coat with black leggings or leggings to match the checks on the coat. Put on a pair of ankle boots or ankle-strap heels and you’re all set to take on the winter onslaught.

Like fine wine

Made of luxurious silk, this Taffeta jacket looks plush. The classic round neck and a straight zipper inspire a sense of ‘premiumness’. For a feeling of warmth and comfort, wear this jacket with something equally comfortable on the bottom such as a pair of simple jeans. A pair of ankle boots will be your best bud during the cold days and on other days, a pair of heels would be nice. 

Bright as ever!

How do you add a touch of flamboyance to your attire? Simple, put on a vibrant red buttoned jacket. The large buttons on the front and the modish color further add a few points to the plushness of the jacket. Another advantage is that it’s easy to pair it up with almost any outfit.

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