How to Dress in Western Formals for a Job Interview

Do you have an important interview coming up? Want to make a good impression? Well, there are a few basic things you need to know first. Before you say a single word to the interviewer, you have already made an impression based on how you’re dressed. How you dress for an interview will say a lot about you as a person, so you want to dress right to ensure you make a good first impression and here are a few tips on how to do just that.

The first point to consider when dressing for an interview is to pick out something that is comfortable. You don’t want to be fidgety and pulling and tugging on your clothes while giving an interview right? Here are a few options you can look at.

Western Formals: When choosing to wear western formals you have to ensure you are picking out the right tops and bottoms to go with it. So let’s see what we can put together.


Formal Tops:
When choosing a formal top, make sure you do not wear anything that is too bright. Avoid animal prints, or anything lacy, sheer, or low-cut. This simple blue shirt for women is a great example of a western formal shirt that you can wear for an interview. It’s plain suttle and looks professional.


Not so fond of formal shirts for women, no problem. Here is another option you can try. Simple yet stylish, this striped top is everything formal and trendy to make a good impression.

Formal bottoms:
Every formal top needs a matching bottom. You can choose to pair your formal shirt or top with a simple plain formal pant or skirt, depending on what you’re comfortable with. It’s always a good idea to avoid printed pants or skirts. Remember when picking out formal skirts or pants for women, be very conscious of the length of the skirt and the way the pant fits too. You don’t want to wear a skirt that is too short or a pant that is too right.


Formal pants for women: The safest way to go when choosing a formal pant for women is to choose dark colours like a black or navy blue. These colours will go with just about any top and when paired with a nice pair of black heels or flats will give you that smart sophisticated look you want.


Now, if you think dark colours are too boring and you want to explore with other colours, choose ones that are subtle and not bright like a beige or a shade of brown. But ensure to pair light coloured pants with equally light coloured tops. These cotton beige pants are a great example of light coloured pants you could wear for an interview.

Formal skirts for women: Although long skirts for women are considered to be modest they are also too trendy to wear for an interview. The perfect skirt length would be either knee length or one that falls little below your knee. Again avoid bright coloured skirt or floral print ones.

5Choose a self-coloured skirt that is plain in a soft and subtle colour. Just like the black pant, the safest colour skirt to choose is a dark coloured one. This black skirt for women from Mustard Fashion is a perfect example of the type of skirt you can wear to an interview.

So here you have it, everything you need to know when picking our western formal wear for an interview. Keep these tips in mind and create a great first impression when appearing for a job interview. You can find all these styles online at

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