Creating Your Unique Style

The first thing to consider when creating your style is to figure out what are your wardrobe needs? Do you have all the essential go-to outfits or pieces of clothes that a wardrobe should have? Such as The little black dress, the perfect pair of black and blue jeans, essential t-shirts and of course the occasional grand ethnic wear. If you don’t then the first thing you’ll need to do is first upgrade your wardrobe with the essentials.

!! The Perfect Pair of Jeans

When it comes to women’s bottom wear, you can be flooded with so many options but among them, a must-have is the perfect pair of jeans, one that you will reach for when you want to go for a casual lunch, visit a friends house or just laze around in at home.


These low-waisted jeans is a perfect example of womens bottom wear that is a must-have in your closet. Paired it heels to look classy, sneakers to look sporty or sandals to look casual

!! Creating an Indo-Western look with Women’s Tops

When you own a pair of jeans, you know that you can pair it with just about anything and still look stylish. It always comes down to what style you want to carry off on that day. If you want to pull off an Indo-western look, pairing your jeans with a nice long-sleeve printed top or tunic is just the way you should go.


This long-sleeve printed tunic from mustard fashion is a great top to pair with your jeans when you want to add a little ethnic flavour to your look .

!! The Comfortable Dress

Picking out dresses for women can be a bit confusing. So when you shopping for ladies dresses remember to think of comfort. Especially when it comes to dresses for women comfort is what matters the most.


This straight cut, knee-length dress is just perfect for a day out. Pair it with heels to look a little more formal or a pair of sandals to look a little casual.

!! Shrug on With the Best in Style Shrugs 

The best companion for your pretty off shoulder dresses and tops is an equality stylish shrug. A stylish shrug will make a smart addition to your closet.


There are several different types of shrugs, and they come in various styles, colours and materials. The most favorite kind of shrug is the long shrug. You can buy this pretty long shrug online from Mustard Fashion

!! The all-time favorite skirt

Skirts for women are like a saving grace, they are easy to wear, you get them in so many different colours and lengths. When buying skirts for women, make sure you pick one that is of the perfect length.


The denim skirt has always been in fashion and is a wardrobe must-have. You can pair it with an Indianized tunic, a t-shirt or an elegant white top to create different looks and styles.

Remember the essential to creating any look is owning these basic sets of clothes and knowing the latest fashion for women. Once you’ve got your wardrobe basics right. You can mix and match to create your own unique style. Shop online from or find mustard stores across India

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