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Winter is the perfect season to laze around. Nothing like watching your favorite movie while you sip on some hot chocolate coiled up in a cosy, warm sweater. While we may not feel like stepping out of our house, we sadly are forced to do so, sometimes. Now, when you do, you need to ensure that you take your best bud along. We are talking about your sweater, of course

We know that it might be hard to toss out that old women’s sweater that’s always been there for you. However, it’s important to stay protected folks and why not do it in style while you are at it? With the New Year just around the corner, it’s time for everything new is just what we have at Mustard Fashion. 

Here are a few stylish sweaters that you can sport this winter season:

Shrug or a sweater? 

Want to score some style points while you stay warm and cosy? This Shrug style sweater will fit the bill perfectly. As the name suggests, this black women’s sweater looks like a shrug (well, duh!). Made of fine quality wool, this shrug style sweater with a front belt gives you the perfect layered look.

As cool as it gets

Denim that too in a sweater? Yes, you heard it right! This Gray Poncho style women’s sweater with fancy buttons on the neckline is as swanky and jazzy as it can possibly get. With a flowy silhouette, this sweater is not only extremely comfortable but also makes for a nice outdoor look. 

Checks or checkers?

How do you nail the corporate look as well as a casual look at the same time? It’s easy. Put on this red & black jacket with a bold check print.

If you’re thinking ‘what do I pair with this jacket?’, there are many options for you to choose from but the best and perhaps the most comfortable bottom wear would be leggings or jeggings

For the fashionista in you

With an amazing mix of style and comfort, this self-designed Maroon women’s sweater made of finely knit wool is a perfect choice for fashionistas. The stylish open cut sleeves, the premium wool fabric and a modish turtle neck only add more style points to an already fashionable piece of clothing. If you run out of outfit ideas to pair this sweater up with,  a pair of classic blue jeans will just be fine. 

Which of these sweaters would you sport to amp up your cool quotient? Let us know in the comments below:

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