Choosing Winter Wear For Your Holiday

Planning to spend this Christmas at a hill station, where the cold wind blows? No worries, we have the complete checklist for all your winter needs, with special tips on what to choose while shopping for jackets and shrugs for women online. We’ll walk you through the varieties of winter jackets for women, the right scarf to choose and the perfect winter sweaters for women. So lets get started.

Winter Jackets for women: the most important item on your winter holiday checklist should be a nice winter jacket. Jackets are available in so many varieties, colours and styles. While woollen jackets are the warmest, a nice denim jacket will also do the job right.


A scarf

Who would have thought that this simple piece of clothing would make such a difference right? Pair your jacket with a bright coloured scarf to offset the gloomy winter weather. When shopping online look for a bright cashmere scarf or even a pretty printed cotton dupatta will do just fine.


Winter Sweater for Women

Apart from the jacket, winter sweaters for women is also a trend. Commonly known as the boyfriend sweater. This loose or oversized woollen sweater with a nice pair of tight jeans or even rugged torn jeans and sneakers or boots is going to be the bible wear this winter. Now you don’t necessarily have to have a boyfriend to get this sweater, just buy an oversized woollen sweater for women online and you’re good to go.


The winter look:

Once you’ve got your Winter jacket and scarf picked out all you have to do is pair it with the right pair of bottoms and you’re all set to look stylish on your holiday. A few points to keep in mind are if you’ve picked out a denim jacket, you don’t want to pair it with the same colour denim jeans pants for ladies. And when it comes to footwear, heels are not your best friends with the winter look, boots, however, are the best way to complete your outfit.

Here are a few winter looks you can draw inspiration from.

Look 1 – Oversized sweater, light blue jeans with holes on the knees and white sneakers. This is a great look that will make you look like you walked right out of a fashion magazine.


Look 2 – The simple dark blue jeans, top with a jacket and a scarf around the next. This look is everything elegant and warm and just perfect for those holiday Instagram pictures.


Look 3 – Simple, casual and cosy. A long winter sweater for women over a simple top paired with jeans and boots. So simple yet so stylish. This is just the outfit you need to complete your winter look on your holiday.


So, the next time you’re thinking about taking a trip to a cold place, remember you can still look stylish in warm winter clothes. Follow this guide and ensure your winter holiday is one where you are still fashionable and stylish.

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