Everyone looks for uniqueness in their precious and beautiful life and for that uniqueness you need to create a canvas of bright fashion in it.Then see graceful rainbow will appear in you and your fashion trunk.The clothes that fire up emotions are always colourful,so shed wonderful colours onto your living life.Lets on turn the colour of your boring fashion collection to glossy dream trunk with infinite bright fashion.

Check out Bright fashion merger that will form you look tremendous :



The trend of Fuchsia is forever fashion color for feminine. Fuschia is the most attention grabbing the color of fashion trend. It gives a bold and rich look. Perfectly you can dress up this color eveningwear to office work. Remarkably, in this pre-monsoon, this shade will give you soothing, refresh and pleasant feel. Fuschia works beautifully along light shade of denim or any other bottom-wear for cool and comfortable. Mustard handcrafted Fuschia top in breathless bottom down schiffli embroidery for more charm and chic look.

Sea Green


Today’s fashion world is insane for this trendy shade from attire to glare’s. When it comes to seagreen shade, fashion trunk beyond question make’s place for it. When the world is adopting trend change, then how can Mustard lacks hence taking fall fashion serious, seagreen tassel top is must for your pre-monsoon closets. It will keep your style right in line by its stylish pattern Take a feminine shape on this sea green coloured tassel top. You can pair with any light or black shade bottom-wear for luxury and comfort feel. Positively you can dress up or down Mustard sea green tassel top from your work to small get-together for comfort day.

Ethnic Mustard


There is one shade which is commanding fashion runways unpredictable, it is non-other than Mustard. Re-define a confident look with the ethnic mustard. Doubtless, you can dress up or down mustard attire for making a dazzling attention. In beautiful pre-monsoon days if you looking for soothing and light attires to make ourselves feel as free spirit. Ethnic touch short Mustard kurti in embroidery along tassel will make your charm double. Soothing touch ¾ sleeves will make you feel as you is in feathers. To give re-touch to your femininity add to your closet. Undoubtedly you can team along crop pants or any bottom.

Give the green light to bright fashion and paint your Canvas moreover fantasy.

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