5 Awesome Colours to Wear in Monsoon

The gloomy and cloudy monsoon days may lower your spirits, forcing you to remain indoors and enjoy the rain in the coziness of your home. But when it is time to step out, you only need some bright colors to master your monsoon personality and lift your mood. This rainy season, chuck the dull colors and sport some bright ones to look vibrant and confident in your attire.

Whether you shop for a nice one-piece dress online or go for ethnic attire like long Kurtis with front cut, all you need to do is choose the right color for the season. Wear bright colors like blue, pink, red, sea-green and more to look chic and classy in your outfit. Attire that is light, comfortable and made of soft fabric is a perfect choice for rainy days. And if you are unsure of what colors to choose, here are some fashionable and trendy colors you can try this monsoon and enjoy the season to the fullest.

Beautiful Marsala

If you want to sport a colour that is neither too dull nor too light for the season, choose marsala – a rich colour inspired by the Italian wine, Marsala. Wear an elegant sleeveless Marsala skater dress for a casual outing with friends and you are sure to make heads turn your way. This colour exudes elegance and will make you look poised. Keep your accessories minimum and put on your favourite heels to step out in style.

Stylish Sea-green

Rains remind us of aquatic colours and sea-green surely is in vogue during monsoon. A charming and lovely colour, outfits in sea-green look amazing for the season. This monsoon, choose a stylish strapless sea-green jumpsuit tailored to a flowy finish and look radiant and gorgeous in the attire. Put on a comfortable pair of heels and some boho jewellery to complete your outfit.

Bright Electric Blue

Nothing can beat the style and comfort of a pant and a top. And this electric blue pants with a light-coloured cami top is a closet must-have to look monsoon-ready and slay the season in style. A perfect choice for a dull, gloomy day, lift your spirits wearing this bright, electric blue pants and look completely trendy. Wear stylish heels and minimum accessories.

Radiant Red

Red rules all seasons and monsoon is no different. One of the most hip and hot colours, red looks fabulous for any occasion. This monsoon, you can choose a bright red frill skirt and pair it with a comfortable printed tee. Put on a stylish checked jacket and cool pair of sneakers to look boho-chic in your outfit.

Elegant Pink

If you are fond of Kurtis and want to sport an ethnic Indian look, choose long Kurtis with the front cut. You can go for an elegant pink kurti with a smart mandarin collar and pair it up with flared blue palazzo pants to look gorgeous and beautiful in the outfit. Wear stylish shoes and pretty earrings with the outfit.

Here are 5 amazing colours for you to explore this monsoon season. Shop for outfits as per your comfort and dress up in style each day. Happy shopping ladies!

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