3 Trends from the 90’s That Are Coming Back In Fashion

The 90’s may have been our worst fashion years, where our clothes were picked out by our mothers and whatever we sported back then was what our mothers thought was cool. As embarrassing as it may sound, it’s the truth but you don’t have to be embarrassed by your old picks in those denim skirts or wide bottom pants anymore. If you look at fashion today, you can see a resemblance of those styles. It’s true subtlety but surely the 90’s fashion is making a comeback but of course with a little twist of modern fashion.

There are some fashion trends being praised today that will even make you nostalgic. So let’s look at a few styles that have come back into fashion and how you can bring them into your wardrobe

Wide bottom jeans for women: The wide bottoms Jeans also known as mommy jeans were a trend back in the 90’s, and have now come back into fashion thanks to Hollywood stars like Kareena and other. Now although tight jeans are still a craze, these airy, breathable pair of jeans are really what we need. You can wear them in so many ways to look trendy. Try it with a nice colourful scarf around the waist or fold out the bottoms to give it a real retro feel. You can pair it with a nice pair of heels or boots too.

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The denim shirt for women: Back in the days if you wore a denim shirt you were the cool kid. Thes shirts for women, considered a relic of a bygone era, are now trending in so many runways. Yes, the denim shirt is back, you can either wear it as a layer over a sleeveless top, as a regular shirt or maybe just tie it around your waist.

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Oversized Shirts for women:

Another popular style making a comeback is the over-sized shirt for women. When we look at fashion after the 90’s it was all tight tops and dresses for women that were body hugging, it was a sin to wear anything loose. In the 90’s things were different, Loose shirts for women, boyfriend T-shirts were comfortable and stylish and everything that was trending. Well, thankfully these comfortable clothes have made a comeback and everything anyone wants to wear now. So if you’ve always loved loose shirts, here’s your chance to sport all the loose shirts you want and still be a fashionista.

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So here you have it, the top 3 styles from the 90s fashion book that have made a comeback. All these styles are available on Mustard Fashion, so start shopping online now!

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